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A Realistic Fiction novel of an incoming high school student navigating the new life of school, encountering countless new experiences that shift him towards a path he never saw before.

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Chapter One

The summer about Haris' transition from middle school to high school.

Chapter Two

The first day inside the labyrinth, high school.

Chapter Three

Freshman year, filled with new experiences and activities.

Chapter Four

A special summer, starting with an idea from Haris' younger brother.

Chapter Five

Sophomore year, navigating the middle part of high school.

Chapter Six

A summer unlike any other in San Francisco, California

Chapter Seven

Junior year, it was time for the Switch Up

Chapter Eight

The summer when the "idea" is born.

Chapter Nine

Senior year, a year to remember with the start of something never done before.

Chapter Ten

The last day of high school, remembering all the lessons.

Chapter Eleven

The summer where Haris commits towards the path less taken.

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About The Author

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Rayaan Siddiqi

Hello 👋

Rayaan Siddiqi is a young author, coding enthusiast, and educator who has become enticed with the world of technology through his high school journey. However, his journey was anything but typical which is why he wrote ​The Switch Up​ in order to encourage teens to explore new horizons and pave unexplored paths.
An Illinois native, lover of solving difficult problems with programming, and sports talk show host, you will find Rayaan is most likely multitasking. As a rising author, he hopes to captivate readers into a relatable journey and continue writing exhilarating stories.

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